Some of our recent successes ...

Congratulations to the following members and dogs for the hard work and dedication undertaken in training to achieve a Kennel Club Good Citizen Award recently.

Puppy passes ...

Julie and Kevin Whaley with Louie
Vicky Lockwood with Fred
Kathryn Mitchell with April
David and Sylvia Beech with Millie
Rob Hargreaves with Nala
Julia Gorvin with Nanook
Frankie Tomlinson with Arlo
Hayley and Rob Hayes with Max
Gary & Floyd
Kirsty & Dobbie
Jodie & Wilma
Oliver & Poppy
Ross & Woody
Angela & Indie
Simon & Archie
Samantha Dorricott with Rosie

Bronze passes ...

Libby Turner with Buddy
Lucy Searle with Eve
Louise Hodnett with Harley
Hannah Billington with Leo
Abbey Pattison with Seren
Margaret Weddick and Mishka
Rebecca and Clare Norbury and Tilly
Vicki Fraser amd Dot
Georga Testing and Bear
Fiona Ball and Chester
Jon Ralph and Amie
Natalie Wakelin with Oliver
Karen Stewart and Torin
Rachael & Charlie
Sandra Bowles with Reggie

Silver passes ...

Rachel & Juno
Rachel & Charlie
Val & Leo
Karen & Smudge
Samantha Rose with Missy
Hannah Billington with Leo
Julianne Hughes and Hugo
Tess and Felicity Boardman and Kizzy
Lynn Parker and Lucy
Lania Trcyzc and Red

Gold passes ...

Bex & Crumble
Patrick and Zoe Crutchley and Deefa
Michelle Turnock and Tillie
Yvonne Oakley and Quaver
John and Karen Bates and Beate
Cliff and Jackie Gibson with Alfie
Helena Conlon and Jessie
Rebecca & Betty

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